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  • Shin Godzilla

    Shin Godzilla


    Bad acting, bad writing, bad directing. Mostly embarrassing. But, it seems to know that. And it's fun. Plus, the stop-motion special effects are cool, and I like the glowing monster. The Fukashima commentary wasn't subtle, which is good, too. Great B-movie.

  • Maria by Callas

    Maria by Callas


    This film makes no sense at all if you don't already know everything about Callas's life. It's extremely frustrating to watch. The film claims to want only to give Callas herself a voice, so we get interviews and excerpts from her letters (ready by an actor). But that doesn't provide the necessary narrative or historical context. And then we do get an interview with her teacher and with the MET director and with fawning fans. Why not more interviews to provide more context and make sense of everything?