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Short, Good, Secret. (Towards a Method of Movie Recommendation)

I wrote a blog post about how to recommend movies to people without recommending the same old shit; think of it as a high-floor, wide-net approach.

All of these movie are <100 minutes long, have a >3.0 average Letterboxd score, and have been rated here <10,000 times. Shout out to the people in my Mastodon mentions for some of these suggestions.

I will likely add to this list in fits and starts.

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  • Alucarda
  • Buzzard
  • Computer Chess
  • Danger: Diabolik
  • Deathdream
  • The Deadly Spawn
  • Experimenter
  • Gates of Heaven
  • Goodbye, Dragon Inn
  • The Hit
  • JCVD
  • Love in the Afternoon
  • Miami Blues
  • Miracle Mile
  • My Best Fiend
  • Next of Kin
  • River of Grass
  • Tread
  • The Twentieth Century
  • You, the Living