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  • The Christ Child: A Nativity Story

    The Christ Child: A Nativity Story


    I’ve seen a lot of Nativity stories, but never one spoken completely in the dead language of Aramaic without subtitles.

    Believing the Christian faith will aid your enjoyment of this piece, but regardless of belief, you ought to watch it, if only for the Wise Man’s meeting with toddler Jesus. I genuinely believed he was reacting to the Hebrews’ God incarnate (and might’ve teared up a bit too).

  • Aliens



    As with Terminator 2, James Cameron shows that sequels benefit from tonal shifts past their source material. 

    I.e., Terminator switched from romance to family film. Alien sidestepped raw horror in favor of thriller feels.

    And yet, Aliens still carries that eerie, looming tension that reeled me into its first iteration. Slap a few sympathetic characters into it, and this flick becomes a sequel worth seeing.