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  • Patient Zero

    Patient Zero


    If a movie has so huge delays, that's usually not a good sign. And especially at the beginning, the critics should feel vindicated. Except for a row of half-talented series performers and a maximum of three sets, the film does not have much more to offer. It feels like a planned franchise without future.

    "Patient Zero" deals ostensibly with the search for patient Zero, but somehow the action loses itself constantly in umpteen unnecessary subplots, which should probably give the…

  • Unsane



    Steven Soderbergh, the director of "Ocean's Eleven" and "Traffic", creates one of the most tense movies of the year - by iPhone 7! Yes, that's right! This movie was shot exclusively with the iPhone 7. While the image quality might disturb one or the other, I find the claustrophobic atmosphere created by it almost perfect.

    "Unsane" is by no means typical psychohorror. He breaks with clichés, eliminates sympathetic protagonists and answers the supposedly most important question in half. Claire Foy…