Batman Forever

Batman Forever ★★★½

Batman Movies - RANKED

Kilmer: really, really good Batman. The only thing about this performance that annoys me is I wish he’d gotten a Nolan-esque script to work with. He might be the best actor to play Batman so far.

Jones: Yikes. But he hates Carrey so that made it fun. Two-Face should never be a “supervillain” imo. Even in the Arkham games I find the concept of him as a Crime Boss silly. He should be a tragic figure and that’s it.

Carrey: I’ll always find him funny. A+.

Kidman: Chase is by far the horniest character ever in a comic book movie. Good for her. Get it, girl. Would like to know what happened with Bruce and Selena, but oh well.

Schumacher: His campy, hypersexual vision for Batman has grown on me as the years have gone on. I truthfully prefer his movies over Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises. Those two are probably better movies, but they aren’t halfway near as entertaining as Schumacher’s to me. 

Fanboys: Dumb. Batman’s got 80+ years of source material to pull from, and a lot of it is silly. I don’t want differing iterations of “dark” every time he’s rebooted. Gimme something fun or stupid (BVS, as much as I love it, fits the bill) every now and again.

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