Hereditary ★★★

I know. I know. I know.

Much like A24's The VVitch, this is a slow burn, eerie cult/satanic movie that just fell flat for me.

Hereditary is undoubtedly one of the smartest and most well directed movies of the year. For his first feature, Ari Aster has accomplished something truly remarkable by tapping into 8 different neuroses you probably have while exposing ones you didn't know were there.

I really can't say enough things about the job he and his whole team did.

But Hereditary just didn't get under my skin the way I think it wanted to. I wanted to give it the chance to do so, which is why i held off posting this review until today.

I wanted to give this movie the chance to seep its way into my brain and give me a nightmare or put me on edge. That didn't happen. And it probably won't tonight or the day after that.

I'm going with 3 stars on this one because although it failed at its job of scaring/unnerving me, I think Aster made a great film. It's a successful failure, I suppose.

Come to think of it, I liked this more than The VVitch, so maybe these kinds of movies are growing on me?

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