Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★½

Lol at the scene where the heroes basically use letterboxd to find the next clue.

I read this book a little while ago when I found it on sale at Target. I burned through it in a day and enjoyed it well enough. But the further I got from it, the more I began to dislike it. The over-the-top nerd references for the sake of nerd references and downright cringey character interactions bugged me. Worst of all, so did the challenges. Of the 5 "challenges" shared between the book and movie, I thought maybe 2 were interesting. The rest were either dumb or pop culture information dumps that I fundamentally don't care for.

So I was nervous coming into this. I wasn't sure Spielberg, Penn and Cline could iron out or get rid of those issues while still maintaining the spirit of the book. For the most part, they did that. So I can say Ready Player One is a success, but I reserve the right to hold the opinion that if anyone other than Spielberg made this, it would probably be terrible.

Ready Player One is obnoxiously nostalgic and sloppily scripted, but it's harmless.

Spielberg has made a movie that both praises and condemns the source material, appealing to people who'll roll their eyes at this (hi) and those who leave with their mouths agape at all the #references.

When the people who think pop culture references = quality leave this movie, the thing I think will stick with them most is how toxic of a lifestyle these characters lived, and maybe encourage a change in theirs.

Or maybe not.

P.S. Olivia Cooke is the best part of this movie. Go see it for her and her alone.

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