Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★½

A movie with this much hype mandates a second viewing. You just have to watch it without the anticipation of getting your 2 year long questions answered. That’s when the story presents itself.

I’m still less than 24 hours removed from my first viewing, but I feel like my opinion on this movie has taken full shape. More hardcore Star Wars fans should take a few extra days, if not weeks, before they form theirs.

For me, The Last Jedi is fabulous and proof that blockbuster cinema hasn’t lost it’s bite. Other franchises just bark too much.

Even the film’s weak spot, Canto Bight, has an element to it that makes it worthwhile. The uber-wealthy of the Star Wars universe are nothing more than war mongers who don’t pick sides, because they don’t care.

Moreso than Rogue One, this a war movie, because it understands that peace is the exception and war is the rule.

This film also solidifies Rey as the greatest protagonist, male or female, of the 21st century and Kylo Ren as one of the best villains.

I love this movie, and you should too.

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