Dom Hemingway

Dom Hemingway ★½

Filmwelt Filmclub #45 - Dom Hemingway - chosen by Milos

Oi, sod off Dom Hemingway, you fucking twat! 
Fucking 'ell, this fucking movie is filled with annyoing cunts, who swear all the fucking time. Those wankers are the most unsympathetic cocksuckers ever. 
Filled only with dialogues of profanity that are just bollocks, this really pissed me off. Bloody terrible script that tries way to hard to resemble a fucking Guy Ritchie flick. All characters are dickheads, who do nothing but shout out fucking insults all the time. They do literally nothing but fucking swear all the fucking time. Those bastards can fuck off! It‘s not even remotely funny.
I have a softspot for british accents, but even that couldn‘t save those cocksuckers from being bloody annoying.
I‘d rather watch Bronson again. At least there, the fucking characters and story is interesting. Not like the twats in Dom Hemingway.

This had potential, but failed miserably. I‘m sorry Milos. This is not for me.

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