The Lure

The Lure ★★★★

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Mermaids were always kind of creepy to me and yet they are fascinating. Half-human, half-fish like creatures living underwater luring sailors to their death. The upper half being beautiful, but lurking below the surface there is something abnormal and dangerous. What‘s not to fear about that?
Sadly in most media I‘ve seen they are portrayed only positive and while some of those depictions are fun I always wanted to see a dark story about mermaids. 
The Lure excells at that. The tails look gross and the teeth and nails become very beastly when in mermaid form. That‘s exactly what I wanted. The designs are phenomenal. The rest of the films is beautiful too. I instantly fell in love with the overall look of this. So from a purely visual standpoint The Lure is genius, but what about the rest?
The story, while not perfect, is quite good. I was actually very invested in the story of the two mermaids and how they deal with being so strange. It has its lengths and at one point it feels like it‘s going in circles, but that didn‘t bother me that much.
Then there is the musical aspect. Yeah, sometimes it feels a bit forced, but mostly it was great fun. If you know me, you know I love musicals and weird genre combinations like this. It sure helps, that the musical scenes sound great and are very aesthetically pleasing. 

Overall, this is a very entertaining horror- musical with a great premise, catchy music and stunning visuals. Exactly my kind of weird.

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