Dirty Girl ★★★½

"If it's a man's world, God wouldn't have made me."

Give Juno Temple a weak script, and she will still make something of it. (Witness the superb final scene in Jack and Diane or her brief appearances in Small Apartments.)

But give her a decent script, and she will take you to the stars. She will make you laugh and then leave you sobbing at least three times before the credits roll. She will make you want to sex her up at one moment and in the next have you demanding that everyone get their hands of this broken child who just needs to be protected. She has a sharp tongue and a vulnerable spirit. She's infuriating, and she's wonderful. And she didn't even have to get naked for this film.

There's a lot of other good stuff happening in this film, including other great performances. But here's really all you need to know about the movie: Juno Temple makes Dirty Girl her bitch.

Why haven't you seen it yet?

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