Killer Joe ★★★★

Trashy noir is trashy. Some sick violence. Women treated very, very badly (and men, too -- you ever seen a can of pumpkin used as a weapon to the face?). Lots of full frontal unshaved female nudity. Murder. Sex. And an obnoxious dog that I kept hoping would either break free and attack someone -- or would get shot, just to shut it up. It's not going to be for everyone, but it's beautifully made -- I'd call it exquisite trash.

The sometimes-rambling story is anchored by superb performances all around. Kudos to Gina Gershon (yes, she's still got it -- better than ever) and Thomas Hayden Church ("I'm never aware"). Matthew McConaughey shines as the psycho cop who makes contract kills on the side and has a taste for young women. This is not a guy you want to piss off, I assure you. And yet, because it's Matthew, he still has a kind of charm. He's scary and cool at the same time, and he'd be a lock for an Oscar nom if the Academy weren't squeemish about NC-17 films.

Even better is Juno Temple as young Dottie. She's a kind of Luna Lovegood in this insane world -- if Luna were a few years older and willing to get nekkid for the cameras. (Definitely a Cloudcuckoolander.) Just watch her deliver the line about how she "wasn't, and then she was, and now she always will be". She's wonderful to watch, if a bit disturbing as there's something childlike about her. I have seen people complain about child molesting in this film thanks to a scene about being 12. But I don't think Dottie is underage, just weird. That weird innocence is, in my opinion, what makes people feel like she's a child.

I hope that I haven't given too much away. It's nice to be unspoiled, especially with this one. Just be prepared for some nudity and violence, and you'll be just fine.

Part of **No ReWatch November 2012**.

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