Star Wars ★★★★½

I watched the original version and the 2004 version. Honestly, apart from the godawful Jabba and Biggs scenes that were added in 1997, it's easily the film that's been the least harmed by the revisions. There's a few bits where some extra creatures have been added, and there's the scene in the Death Star where Han runs into thousands of storm troopers. But for the most part, it's not too distracting compared to the changes in the other two. [oh, I forgot about "Greedo shot first" - that's bad]

I don't mind that Lucas borrowed. Shakespeare stole a lot of his greatest ideas, and it seems to be okay with most people. Lucas took the ideas that had been floating around in film and myth and combined them into something wonderful. (of course, he showed his lack of genius when he made the prequels and tried to tell a more "original" story)

ESB is my favorite. But SW still gives me chills and makes me smile every time I watch it. Everything feels right. And even when it doesn't -- such as with Luke's whiney bitch-acting in the first 1/2 of the film -- then I just have to think about Leia laying on that bench when Luke comes to rescue her or Han asking "How are you" on the cell block radio or the fact that one of the pilots is named "Porkins" -- and all is well.

Kids that are 18 or 20 now probably can't understand how important and influential all things Star Wars was to us who grew up in that era. To them, it's probably just cheesy and dated. But to me it is magic.

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