Zero Dark Thirty ★★★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Second viewing and still love it.

I was watching for the face in the digital camera this time, and it was gruesome. Also, did you notice John Barrowman? He had two scenes at Langley, and he exchanged a few lines with Gandolfini. His character is called "Jeremy". I completely missed him the first time through.

If JChas wins the Oscar, it will be for her sequence from the body bag to the airplane. Stunning. This theater was left speechless -- and it was a decent-sized crowd.

When she says, "I'm the motherfucker", a guy in the crowd said, "Nice!"

The SEALs seemed rather too clumsy and talkative. I have to think they talked so much for our benefit, as there's no way they could have covertly taken the compound with all the noise they were making. Also, I don't think they were ever called "SEALs" -- just "you guys".

The first time Maya comes into the Embassy, I noticed Dan say to his boss, "Was I right, or was I right?" Something along those lines. It was definite guyspeak for, "See, I told you she was hot."

Every time Jennifer Ehle shows up in a movie, I get all happy. And I am starting to be the same way about Mark Duplass. (who said that about him before? Simone?)