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  • The Crow
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • Bionicle: Mask of Light
  • Boyhood

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  • Thor


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  • Clash of the Titans


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  • Clash of the Titans

    Clash of the Titans


    My intro to Harryhausen, a man who I had always heard of and was always fond of the clips of the movies I have seen from him. This was my intro into his line of work and as much as I loved some of the amazing effects and some key music bits, the movie itself was lackluster. Outside of some bad composite shots, it is again very visually pleasing shots and you can tell that Harryhausen loved brining the ,Medusa,…

  • Yakuza Wolf

    Yakuza Wolf


    A fun enough Chiba film, but I found that it was too dark to enjoy it for its exploitative action value, it doesn’t have the comedy edge that Doberman Cop has and none of that film’s mad cap style. The action could be argued is more explosive and varied in this film, but it feels more sluggish if Chiba is your only interesting character. I liked his performance as Himuro, because I felt like he successfully emulated the style of…

Popular reviews

  • Oldboy



    A visceral gut punch of a revenge film that is unique and stylish all at once. It’s hard to describe and even harder to categorized, is it action films with brutal fight scenes, is it a twisted mystery that’s hard to decipher, or is it a horror film with how cruel this movie’s world is. Either way it’s great, but it’s mish mash of themes and genres make it a little hard to recommend for certain people since it’s so…

  • The Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad


    A very fun and vibrant superhero film that is definitely an improvement upon it’s predecessor while also retaining all the things that worked in it. First off, returning cast members like Amanda Waller and Harley Quinn are still as good as they were before. Waller brings in the IDGAF attitude that made her such a great character to begin with and Harley is still the funny maniac that she has always been. Newcomers such as Idris Elba’s Bloodshot replacing Will…