Midsommar ★★½

Whaat..... Is my reaction after just finishing Midsommar. I find this movie to be just so bizzare and hard to describe to the point that I find it hard to recommend to a general audience, nor could I ever see mysef rewatching this like ever. Though in the films defense it does have some great shots, also Florence Hugh does a great job as Dani. It’s just not my thing, I’m not always into directors like Aei Aster, Paul Thomas Anderson, David Lynch. Though in Lynche’s defense I haven’t seen one of his films, I’m just refering to that style of film. I will say Hereditary is slightly better, but that stil isn’t saying much for me. For those eho enjoy this kind of film, this is up your alley for sure, and there are some dark moments that are sure to stick with you. Everyone else should do best to avoid it, but I commend Ari Aster for not being scared of showing his style in the most honest way, regardless of how brutal it may seem.

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