• Step Brothers

    Step Brothers


    08/12/2022, Rewatch 20 Autumn Challenge 2022, “Rewatch a film just for fun.”

    Step Brothers might just be the definitive and best Will Ferrell film, it’s either that or Anchorman. One of my favorite comedies that despite being Juvenile it truly is a great comedy with a heart. It’s easily one of Adam Mckay’s best films.

  • Wolf Guy

    Wolf Guy


    TajLV’s Autum reacts Challenge 2022/rewatch 20: Film 1/20 Watch a film that in a language that isn’t English, French, or Spanish.

    This is way more solid than I remembered it being the first time. Sure the story is in hornet and feels like it’s from an incomplete script and yes it’s bizarre as hell. It’s also hornet as shit and that bizzare action horror psuedo-noir tone makes it extremely entertaining to watch. The soundtrack is funny the action is nonstop and it’s a fun flick. Sonny Chiba we will forever miss you.

  • The New Guy

    The New Guy


    Believe me when I tell you I had a shitty day today, so to see this fell good comedy get recommended to me by a relative got me feeling better. Awesome little time with likable characters, admirably some cringey comedy, but some very fun set pieces. I really enjoy it, but for some reason I don’t see a lot of love for it, then again like Soul Plane I’m in the minority that enjoy it and find both to be comedy gems despite majority hatred.

  • Independence Day

    Independence Day


    And I did promise myslef to rewatch one of my childhood favorites. While I did skip the anniversary, what better way to watch Independence Day on…well Independece Day. Less action packed than I remembered, but more character driven than most action films from the nineties. Every scene, from the CG and practical mix set pieces, to the fun intertwining storylines with multiple characters meeting up beautifully near the end is all well done and it makes it so not a…

  • RRR



    Yesterday I made a choice, celebrate Independence Day’s(1996) 26th anniversary or watch a three hour indian film late at night. I chose the latter, and as much as I love Eimmerich’s classic, I’ll rewatch that film another time this week(it’s amazing I’m not gonna skip it). RRR is also my introduction to Bollywood/Indian cinema and it didn’t disappoint. You’d think for a film of this length it’d drag, but I promise it makes three hours feel like only one, the…

  • Clash of the Titans

    Clash of the Titans


    My intro to Harryhausen, a man who I had always heard of and was always fond of the clips of the movies I have seen from him. This was my intro into his line of work and as much as I loved some of the amazing effects and some key music bits, the movie itself was lackluster. Outside of some bad composite shots, it is again very visually pleasing shots and you can tell that Harryhausen loved brining the ,Medusa,…

  • Yakuza Wolf

    Yakuza Wolf


    A fun enough Chiba film, but I found that it was too dark to enjoy it for its exploitative action value, it doesn’t have the comedy edge that Doberman Cop has and none of that film’s mad cap style. The action could be argued is more explosive and varied in this film, but it feels more sluggish if Chiba is your only interesting character. I liked his performance as Himuro, because I felt like he successfully emulated the style of…

  • The Machine Gun Dragon

    The Machine Gun Dragon


    A run of the mil crime film from Japan. It starts off great with a fun mother and son drug bust both blasting away with automatics in hand, and their chemistry early on is unique and endearing. Things then start tp bog down, once Sugawara goes to jail. It still remains entertaining, but the prison sequence disbands the mother and son duo that made it unique in the first place. An ok time, but not a favorite yakuza film of mine.

  • Scream 4

    Scream 4


    What used to be my favorite sequel is still a high mark in what is easily my favorite slasher franchise. I love the nest cast and Emma Roberts as Jill is my favorite new cast member in any of the sequels. The way the film is shot looks unique, but at the same time it looks like it’s on a high as fuck contrast level and everything ends up taking a smeared in gad look. What is more visually pleasing…

  • Scream


    Scream Five is a film I went out of my way to give a second chance to and it still ended up dissapointing me and solidifying itself as my least favorite of the franchise. Granted there are things to like here, as it’s really well shot and it does harken back a little bit to films other than the first. This franchise has a habit of almost always referencing just Scream One, but here Judy from four returns and the…

  • Observe and Report

    Observe and Report

    Underrated black comedy and one of Rogen's finest hours. I also love Ray Liotta in this one and I miss him so much since he was such a talented actor.

  • Hacksaw Ridge

    Hacksaw Ridge

    A fantastic harrowing war film that shows Gibson at his best, a great rewatch since it had been since theaters since I last saw it. Shocking how it's true, but bless Desmond Doss.