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  • The Night Comes for Us

    The Night Comes for Us


    This is the 4th Indonesian film with Iko Uwais that I really enjoyed.
    He has become one of the best martial arts movies stars around.
    All his movies are non stop action and the fight choreography is superb.
    This time he plays a bad guy searching for a former gang brother, who gives up his lofty status in the Triads, trying to save the life of a little girl, caught up in a triad massacre.
    The good guy role is…

  • Naked Among Wolves

    Naked Among Wolves


    The brutal last days of Buchenwald, where a few brave members of the upcoming resistance try everything to keep alive a 3 year old boy that was smuggled in a suitcase.

    A harrowing and realistic holocaust glimpse of what the Nazi concentration camps were all about.

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  • The Outsider

    The Outsider


    I read the critic from Variety and could not disagree more.
    Having lived in Japan and knowing the culture and the Yakuza world,
    I find it offensive that some arm chair critic talks like he is an expert on the subject.
    Of course the probability of a Gaijin, especially an American in post WW II war Japan, being accepted into a Japanese crime family is highly unlikely. So what?
    The movie story line is realistically executed and gives us a…

  • Charlie's Farm

    Charlie's Farm


    If you are a fan of guts and gore movies, you will probably like this.
    What always gets me is how careless backpackers are, especially in world's remote areas. No one ever seems to bring along a gun, which for me would be essential.
    Then there is always the element of curiosity and the total disregard for safety. Really?
    I know that in Australia, many backpackers simply disappear.
    I don't think that their tourist bureau keeps score. They should.