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  • Road House

    Road House


    How can you not like Patrick Swayze?
    How can you not hate Ben Gazzara?
    They were both perfectly cast.
    Before some one decides to become a bouncer, believe me, it's not all that glamorous.
    This movie was fun, though.

  • Leningrad



    The siege of Leningrad was more than just bombs and tanks. It was about a siege of a city forced into starvation.
    An English reporter who was born a Russian went to Leningrad and formed a pact with a Russian family to help them survive.
    This movie dwells on the silent horror of war as well as the active element.
    Amidst the death and destruction, it also raises the human spirit and true friendship to a whole new level.
    Mira Sorvino gives an empathic portrait of Catherine ( Katya ) who although born into nobility never forgot the common roots she shared with her Russian masses.

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  • The Bad Batch

    The Bad Batch

    I don't know how to classify this meandering film. I suppose when you mix children with rabbits and cannibals in the future, it might be called a SCI-FI fantasy. The only reason I started watching it was because of Jason Momoa, although with this movie he definitely did himself a disservice.
    When you take a movie and so obviously don't know where to go with it and you include scenes of graphic violence just for the sake of graphic violence, it gives me hope that I could definitely do better myself.
    Couldn't get past 25 minutes.

  • Cold Summer of 1953

    Cold Summer of 1953


    To really understand this movie it would help if one knew a bit about Russian history.
    Gorbachev came to power in 1985 and so the Russians became more free to express themselves and talk about their history.
    During WW II Stalin gave the order no retreat, no surrender but many Russian soldiers got wounded and got caught by the Germans.
    After the war, when they returned from POW camps, they were treated like enemies of the state and were sent…