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  • American Assassin

    American Assassin


    Having read the same named novel that the movie was based on, I would have chosen a different lead actor.
    Michael Keaton is great in the supporting role and I was surprised to see action star Scott Adkins in a minor role.
    I liked the overall premise of the movie and the nice tempo.
    The choreography was good and there was plenty of hard core violence.

  • Sweet Virginia

    Sweet Virginia


    Welcome to small town Americana.
    In a small town in Virginia a retired rodeo star tends to his motel as drifter comes to town.
    As the two men get acquainted a surge of violence erupts.
    In this slow moving character study, brutality rears it's ugly head and a plot unwinds that will have all the dots connected.
    When the dust settles, after multiple murders, one of the two men will remain standing.

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  • The Bad Batch

    The Bad Batch

    I don't know how to classify this meandering film. I suppose when you mix children with rabbits and cannibals in the future, it might be called a SCI-FI fantasy. The only reason I started watching it was because of Jason Momoa, although with this movie he definitely did himself a disservice.
    When you take a movie and so obviously don't know where to go with it and you include scenes of graphic violence just for the sake of graphic violence, it gives me hope that I could definitely do better myself.
    Couldn't get past 25 minutes.

  • Wind River

    Wind River


    Loved this movie.
    In the cold atmospheric north comes a female FBI agent who teams up with a hunter to solve the murder of a local Indian girl.
    The cinematography is beautiful as the story unfolds and climaxes in unforgettable violence.
    This just might be the sleeper of the year.