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  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout


    I love the action in Mission Impossible movies just like I love the action in James Bond and Jason Bourne.
    I just find it ironic that a midget, scientology flake plays a super tough guy and that the movie public supports his niche.
    I preferred Jeremy Renner to Mat Damon and of course, Sean Connery was the best 007.
    I can believe a Tom Hardy in Lawless or a Christian Bale in Batman Begins or a Gerald Butler in Olympus Has Fallen, but to me Tom Cruise as a super tough MI operative is just laughable.

  • Vice



    This baby of a movie was conceived by liberal democrats and clearly represents a push to curb executive power.
    In spite of it's clear goal of character assassination of Dick Cheney, it failed miserably because it lacked credibility due to a misguided dramedy portrayal, mixed with raw documentary footage and poor editing.
    The only reason it even elicits two and a half stars from me is because of a masterful Cheney portrayal by Christian Bale. He just might get the Oscar, whereas this movie should make the top ten worst notable movies of 2018.

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  • The Outsider

    The Outsider


    I read the critic from Variety and could not disagree more.
    Having lived in Japan and knowing the culture and the Yakuza world,
    I find it offensive that some arm chair critic talks like he is an expert on the subject.
    Of course the probability of a Gaijin, especially an American in post WW II war Japan, being accepted into a Japanese crime family is highly unlikely. So what?
    The movie story line is realistically executed and gives us a…

  • Charlie's Farm

    Charlie's Farm


    If you are a fan of guts and gore movies, you will probably like this.
    What always gets me is how careless backpackers are, especially in world's remote areas. No one ever seems to bring along a gun, which for me would be essential.
    Then there is always the element of curiosity and the total disregard for safety. Really?
    I know that in Australia, many backpackers simply disappear.
    I don't think that their tourist bureau keeps score. They should.