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  • The Outsider

    The Outsider


    I read the critic from Variety and could not disagree more.
    Having lived in Japan and knowing the culture and the Yakuza world,
    I find it offensive that some arm chair critic talks like he is an expert on the subject.
    Of course the probability of a Gaijin, especially an American in post WW II war Japan, being accepted into a Japanese crime family is highly unlikely. So what?
    The movie story line is realistically executed and gives us a…

  • The Last Duel

    The Last Duel


    And they wonder why many women chose not to cry rape.
    Not only do we have Rashomon like views of truth but the ultimate judge winds up being God.
    Ridley Scott gave us a barbaric 14th century France and his brand of relentless action exhibited by and masterfully choreographed last duel.
    Mat Damon ( as Sir John Carrouges )gave us a cold, vain and stern and maybe not such a good knight.
    But the real hero of this tale is Marguerite ( portrayed by Jodie Comer ), who stood her ground in front of God, King and country and said that no means no!

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  • In the Presence of Mine Enemies

    In the Presence of Mine Enemies


    Looking for God in all the wrong places.
    Warsaw ghetto, 1942.
    Armin Mueller-Stahl (as Rabbi Heller) is a wonderful actor, but even he cannot find God: " I've been praying my whole life, but the night does not end ".
    There's a Sophie's Choice moment in this movie, but is it really a choice?
    Captain Richter (Charles Dance) is perfect for a long roast over a low flame.
    There should be a spectecular movie devoted to the end of the Warsaw Ghetto, when David didn't slay Goliath, but he sure gave him hell:

  • Christina



    A bravura performance by Nicki Aycox.
    Only a three-member cast in post WWII Berlin reveal so much about the war.
    This would make a top play on Broadway, and it should be done.

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  • All the Light We Cannot See

    All the Light We Cannot See


    A beautifully filmed WWII movie about an unlikely meeting and romance between a blind French resistance radio operator and her German counterpart sent to locate her.
    In all things, including war, love prevails.

  • The Shadow in My Eye

    The Shadow in My Eye


    On March 25th, 1945 the British RAF had one of the worst arial precision strikes ever, targeting Gestapo Headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.
    They hit that target but also managed to wrongly target a nearby school and as a result of collateral damage 80 children and 40 adults were killed.
    Even though, Gestapo had placed about 40 captured resistance fighters on the top floor of the building using them as human shields, the Danish resistance had co-operated with the British to…