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  • Last of the Mobile Hot Shots

    Last of the Mobile Hot Shots

    A magnificent Lumet - made at the peak of his European cinematic tutelage and using a sharp, smart melting pot of interracial, intercontinental, intersexual talent both in front of and behind the camera... If there’s one thing I love as much as a Lumet figuring out NYC (a coherent, influential melting pot if ever there was) it’s a Lumet figuring out the American South or Europe (like the melting pot that comprises the Murder On The Orient Express, which recognizes…

  • The Alphabet Murders

    The Alphabet Murders

    What originally was intended as an improvisational comedy between Zero Mostel and director Seth Holt is now a breathtakingly self-reflexive cross-species blend of mod ‘60’s London chuckler, trad British mystery and typically lusty and subversive Frank Tashlin live-action cartoon. It’s a dangerous stylistic experiment and a late masterpiece for Tashlin. Tony Randall plays Tony Randall playing Agatha Christie’s Belgian master-sleuth Hercule Poirot. Margaret Rutherford plays Margaret Rutherford playing Agatha Christie’s British master-sleuth Miss Marple. Nothing is real and everything is…

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  • The Green Berets

    The Green Berets

    John Wayne and Ray Kellogg's full-force pro-Vietnam War propaganda epic also contains a fiery, eye-wideningly savage group dummy-death!

    Full analysis and deconstruction: www.destructibleman.com/2010/06/green-berets-john-wayneray-kellogg-1968.html

  • A Life in the Balance

    A Life in the Balance

    A 74 minute pot-boiler rocketed into seriously transcendent cinematic territory by some extraordinary (and way off-beat) Mexican location shooting, sound design, cinematography. The ensemble cast often perversely attaching themselves onto the dark rhythm of the thing, creating a life and energy entirely symbiotic with the exterior creative elements. Sure, the dialog leans on the bleeding heart, the resolution on the snappy, happy tie-up -- but nearly everything before that displaces the viewer in a world of poverty, desperation, mental illness,…