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  • For a Few Dollars More
  • A Bride for Rip Van Winkle
  • The Indian Runner
  • The Isle

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  • UFO Sweden


  • Truth or Dare


  • Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning


  • Two Lovers and a Bear


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  • UFO Sweden

    UFO Sweden


    "A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one."
    Yeah, I've enjoyed this one, but I've said this before, I'll eat anything X-Files-like which requires a tinfoil hat. But this is not your average flying saucer chase movie or whatever, it's surprisingly heartfelt.
    In layman's terms, a rebelious teenage girl get's thrown into a quest to look for her long lost father who she thinks is not dead, but abducted.
    To help her on her quest she enlists UFO Sweden,…

  • Truth or Dare

    Truth or Dare


    Rewatched, and the hypocrisy finale, which I didn't realise before, was a nice, yet cowardly, touch...Olivia blatantly screwing the world, sending millions to their death quite contradicts her previous "Truth" statement that she would let her friend group and herself be killed in order to save millions.

Popular reviews

  • Ronin



    It's just so simple, assemble a crew, get a briefcase, tentions run high, can't trust this one, can't trust that one, bang, bang, car chase, boom!

    You gotta love it, I did, and I still do after all this time.
    Brilliant cast, I mean, you got Reno, De Niro, Jonathan Pryce, Natascha McElhone, Sean Bean and Stellan Skarsgard...what more do you want?

    It's straight to the point here. No fancy special effects or color corrections, just good choreography and stuntwork.
    I've said it back then, and I'll say it again, "Ronin" has the best car chases, period.

  • The Northman

    The Northman


    A Vikingage tale of revenge seasoned like only Eggers could.
    Not a blatant copy of the story of old and not quite the same as Saxo Grammaticus's interpretation. "The Northman" weaves bits and pieces of history and legend together, with a royal portion of poetic edda, to make it's own fascinating, brutal yet beautiful interpretation.
    I was pleasantly surprised by Ethan Hawke, less so by Kidman's performance, but the towering Skarsgard and delightful Anya were, not to my surprise, terrific.…