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  • In the Earth

    In the Earth


    A movie set during a pandemic, created, amidst a pandemic, tells the story of a scientist, Martin, and a park ranger scout, Alma, traveling through some Bristol forest to locate Martin's colleague Dr. Wendle.
    Being forewarned about the hostile environment they're about to venture through and the legend of an ancient woodland spirit, Martin and Alma pack their bags for their two day hike to reach the site.

    I had no idea what I was getting myself into, and I…

  • Cry Macho

    Cry Macho


    Charming to say the least, but there wasn't enough of a story, or, interesting enough of a story.
    Clint is Clint, one of my favorite actors/filmmakers of all time.
    "Cry Macho" sets up aged Clint's aged character to retrieve a 13 year old boy for his former employer in Mexico.
    In doing so he forms a bond with both the boy and Marta, a local barkeeper who falls for our charming ol' cowboy.

    And that's basically it. A roadtrip with…

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  • There's Someone Inside Your House

    There's Someone Inside Your House


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  • Ronin



    It's just so simple, assemble a crew, get a briefcase, tentions run high, can't trust this one, can't trust that one, bang, bang, car chase, boom!

    You gotta love it, I did, and I still do after all this time.
    Brilliant cast, I mean, you got Reno, De Niro, Jonathan Pryce, Natascha McElhone, Sean Bean and Stellan Skarsgard...what more do you want?

    It's straight to the point here. No fancy special effects or color corrections, just good choreography and stuntwork.
    I've said it back then, and I'll say it again, "Ronin" has the best car chases, period.