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  • The Edge of Seventeen

    The Edge of Seventeen


    Sure, another dramedy, why not....

    I wasn't expecting too much of this movie, since we've all been there and seen it. Coming of age, drama/comedy movies...there's a ton of them.

    But this was a pleasant surprise! I adore this movie.
    It's well written, well directed, and the cast is superb. And not just our lead.
    The chemistry between Steinfeld and Harrelson was pitch perfect (see what I did there?) Woody Harrelson plays the role of school teacher Mr. Bruner and…

  • Gravity



    Quite suspenseful and gorgeous looking sci-fi thriller.
    However, there are many things that bothered me and that I think could've been handled better.
    First of all, the acting on Clooneys part, was utterly unconvincing. It looked more like he was portraying a quick witted heroic charming bad-ass in a big sci-fi action epic. A complete lack of any type of emotional facial expression, and that in a situation like the one his character is in...sorry, no...We needed some grade A…

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  • Roma



    This movie really grew on me as it progressed.
    From a techological aspect, it was already a treat to watch from the first minute. The black and white, the slow panning and wide shots... But story wise I didn't grasp what I was watching. It made me feel like I was was watching a documentary of some sorts or a reality show/movie, and at the end, I still had that feeling.
    The movie is presented in that way, in such…

  • mother!



    Trash to some, a masterpiece to others. I'm with the latter.

    Mother tells the story of a man,Him , a poët, suffering from writters block, and a woman, Mother, who, while tending the house they live in, supports him in any which way.

    One night a man shows up on their doorstep and with little hesitation, Him, invites the man in and even allows him to stay the night. Mother feels uncomfortable having this stranger in her house.

    And from…