Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★

As a die-hard Tarantino fan, this felt like a mixed bag and left me underwhelmed.

Beautiful production design, set pieces, impeccable cinematography, killer performances by Pitt and DiCaprio and a fabulous soundtrack. Those were the good.

Ever since "The Hateful Eight" however there's been a crucial factor missing from Tarantino movies, and that is the ever so iconic brilliant dialogues.
Rest assured, there's plenty of dialogue, but none of it lives up to the "Reservoir Dogs" or "Pulp Fiction" standards or can even hold a candle to it.
The sheer length of the feature was also a bummer. It was a long and tedious slow burn for what it eventually came down to.
One particular scene midway through led to absolutely nowhere for instance. You get a build up, feel tension, certain expectations, and....nothing....

Margot Robbie was severely underused and I doubt it would have made a big difference if her character was even in it, let alone the whole Manson "backstory".

There's alot of feet obviously...just throwing that out there....

But it is what it is. Tarantino made the movie he wanted, I respect that, just not my cup of tea unfortunately. It's extremely well made, high production vallue and some of the best performances I've seen from Pitt and Dicaprio. Pitt had the absolute best scenes, lines and moments in the movie.
There's one stand-out moment for DiCaprio that I absolutely love involving "acting-inception" as I'd like to call it.
But Margot didn't get time to shine as she deserved.

Don't buy into the whole announced legendary cast...you'll be dissapointed. Those who you're excited for being in the movie...might just be there for less than a minute or so...

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