Red Notice

Red Notice ★★

I'm seriously doubting whether I like Ryan Reynolds or not...he might have fooled me with "Deadpool". Been seeing some movie with him lately...and...he only has one gear, and...he's stuck in it, and it's not good! Anyway..."Red Notice", your run-of-the-mill spy comedy action flick, ofcourse, starring, The Rock, who else...and YES! He does end up in a JUNGLE....again!!! It has a few funny moments and, OK, yet predictable action scenes. A muscular toddler for a villain (that was a good one) and Gal Gadot...another one-trick pony. So basically a trio of one-trick pony's. Not worth anybody's time really, it has a twist, yes, but it's not all to clever if you use that same twist twice in one movie...kinda takes away it's purpose.

And I'm gonna say it here...I think Kevin Hart should've played Reynolds' part....

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