Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★½

Fine, it's just fine, you know.
But you couldn't sell me on the fact that this is a Guy Ritchie movie...could've easily been your run-of-the-mill director nobody heard of.
The only Ritchie things about this movie are Jason Statham and the way this easy, straight forward plot is presented and it's different perspectives, from the victims, the bad guys and our...antihero. But I didn't really care for that with this movie. Give it to me straight, don't give me that 3 months earlier, 3 days later then those 3 months, 5 weeks prior to the 3 days type of bullshit....please. There was absolutely no need for that, unless it had this huge and major, jaw dropping plot twist or whatever...which it didn't.

They raped a perfectly great song by Johnny Cash...thouht I had to mention that. But OK...I guess it was enjoyable. There's a lot of shooting going on, that's always entertaining.
But Ritchie is really disappointing me as of late...no, scratch that, I had high hopes after "The Gentleman", after a long time I felt like he was back on is A-game and hoped he would've continued after that.
Where's the clever, witty banter. One of the very few who, in my opinion, could match up with Tarantino when it comes to fun dialogues.
Give me "Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels" and "Snatch". I don't mind to see directors exploring new ways and experimenting a little....but I do miss those type movies...

"Wrath Of Man" is a heist/revenge movie, with Jason Statham. That's about it. For what it's worth, it wasn't a drag, it was enjoyable, but forgetable.