Leaving Neverland ★★★★

I used to be a die hard MJ fan. I cried when the news of his death came around. Now I grew out of it and can (hopefully) see things objectively.

So lets view it from both sides:
The statements in this documentary make a whole lot of sense. Making all of this up seems like an impossible task. Michael was a very weird guy with a lot of supressed feelings and I can see how this is actually possible.

On the other hand, how much these people remember from that age is unbelievable to me. And in such detail. I don't remember anything I did when I was 7. But maybe that's just me.

The stories of one of them seemed a bit over the top as well. "in the attic, in the theatre, in the train station, everywhere, every day we had sex".

So I am not sure what to think of this.

Update: I am leaning very much towards believing the accusers. I am sad but I think this doc is important.