The Fault in Our Stars

I will vote Hazel as one of the most unlikeable character I've ever watched in my life. It is just plain flat, and she's a far cry from being funny nor smart as Gus claimed her to be at the end. Really? You would travel miles away risking your own life to know the ending of a fiction book which by the way you have asked the writer in the email and he already refused to tell you so.
The movie is also too long, 2 hrs of flat & dry emotion. And this claim came from someone who is guaranteed always cry on almost every movie. Thanks to this movie, finally I can break this curse.
I guess Woodley failed to bring this character to live. Or, if Hazel in this movie really depicts how she is in the book, then i believe the title should be 'The Fault in John Green's Writing'.

If you're interested in teenager with terminal cancer story, i would highly recommend Me, Earl, and The Dying Girl. Forget about this cheap and not-even-sappy junk.