Bo Burnham: Inside

Bo Burnham: Inside ★★

Technical mastery that rubs me the wrong way. I’m not deluded that Burnham’s success equates to exorbitant wealth but it clearly does equate to enough means to seek professional medical help for mental illness. Or was the crying on camera, pushing equipment violently out of the way, and uncomfortably off-kilter bit about suicide just performance? To think that anyone really needs to see the crocodile tears of a successful, straight white comedian (who, yes, is very self-aware, I did watch the whole special, but clearly not to the point of recognizing whether this is ethical) is unsettling to me. He didn’t miss the mark on the jokes. He did miss the part where if you’re going to be equitable, self-aware and politically analytical throughout, why put out the damn thing that does the antithesis of your whole argument? This is the voice and quite impressive one-man-filmmaking work of a man who could have piped down but chose to pump the volume to 11 on his own self-indulgent commentary on a world suddenly realizing it needn’t cater to people like Bo. (For the record, not a Bo Burnham hater, and I appreciate what he did here. But it doesn’t need to take up the memory stick) Also why did I see so much of his dick??

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