Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★★

Holy shit. Going out of 2020 strong I guess. I’ve waited all year for a 5 star movie, and this is that movie. My jaw was dropped the entire last 30 minutes. Go into this blind, but feel free to keep reading because I won’t go into the plot. I’ve been anticipating this since I planned to see it in April when I went to Florida, neither of those things happened obviously. I didn’t know much about this, but the images that were released really captured my attention. I wanted to see this so badly that instead of waiting for it to come to VOD in a few weeks, I watched it a certain other way. I will totally be rewatching this, and I strongly look forward to experiencing this in a normal and more legal way.

So the movie, everything works. The aspect getting the most attention with awards is Carey Mulligan, who is incredible. I’m so hoping that she gets nominated for an Oscar, and by some miracle she should win. Bo Burnham on the other hand I have heard nothing about, but he is seriously great as well. I believe it’s his first big performance, and it’s really impressive. There are a lot of smaller characters in the film and I don’t think anyone is a weak link.

The music draws you instantly, and for the first half I’d say it’s mostly songs, and in the second there’s a lot more of the score. All of it is great, and there’s one specific scene towards the end where the score was just perfect. The visuals are great but this is the aspect that I can’t comment much on. I could see some great camera work, I could see some great use of color, but the quality I had to deal with made it kind of hard to truly appreciate the look. 

There was some outrage at the Golden Globes pushing this from comedy to drama, and for Carey Mulligan’s sake it’s unfortunate because she probably would’ve won best comedy actress. About the categories itself, I don’t know how I would consider it, but this movie was without a doubt hilarious. With Bo Burnham that should be expected, it’s mostly the interactions between him and Carey Mulligan that are effortlessly charming, and effortlessly funny. 

Without going into detail, the plot itself is captivating and full of twists and turns. The structure of the film and how pieces of information is revealed keeps you intrigued and excited. It’s easy to follow which is the most important part. The ending seems to be a bit divisive, but I didn’t have a problem with it. In my mind it makes this movie stand out even more because of how unique it all is. There is no way anything tops this, it’s the best movie of the year. Emerald fucking Fennell, I just released this is her directorial debut. This is easily an all time great debut.

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