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This review may contain spoilers.

I am amazed at how alfonso cuaron and emmanuel lubezki captured the beauty of mexico. This whole movie hit close to home, the dialogue was so well crafted that I found myself replaying some scenes because of how real everything sounded to me. 
The narrator was one of my favorite things about this whole movie, how when we met the fisher and his wife, Cuaron made sure we knew what happened to them even after we never saw them again, or what was happening in mexico at that time and how it reflected what luis and tenoch were living. 
I am incredibly happy about how Cuaron captured the ways of life and how it changes so quickly, how friends and family can drift apart so easily. 
I loved the scene where Luisa asked the boys to give him a letter and a number and one of the best songs of that era started playing, how amazingly she danced to the rhythm, how they joined her gracefully as the camera stood steady watching them. 
Every single Cuaron film leaves me wanting more, he’s such an inspiration as a filmmaker that I only wish one day I could be as good and talented as him. 
I didnt give it a full five stars because I am sad that Luisa died, I am sad that they are no longer friends and I am sad that they didnt somehow end up together after the kiss they shared in the bedroom. 

But I am also happy and my heart is full and grateful that a film like this is out there in the world. 

P.S wish someone would have told me about the amount of sex scenes this movie had before I decided to watch it with my mom 🌝

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