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  • Wasting Away

    Wasting Away


    aka Aaah! Zombies!

    It wasn't great but I had fun with most of it. I really like the idea of seeing things from the zombies' perspective.

  • Old 37

    Old 37


    I was promised Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley driving around an old ambulance and carting off accident victims for torture and/or murder. While it did deliver this in small doses, I was really expecting something more. I was hoping they would be the main characters. The good news is that they're more interesting than the people we're supposed to cheer for.

    Our protagonists are an average bunch of high school teens with the associated drama. There's the good girl pining…

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  • My Babysitter's a Vampire

    My Babysitter's a Vampire


    TV and movies aimed at the tween audience is an occasional guilty pleasure of mine. This was actually entertaining and I'll be checking out the regular series. The kids use UV light tubes as lightsabers to fight the vampires, I love it!

    Some of the vampires they kill are people's children, they have family. Is anyone going to wonder what happened to them?

  • Call Girl of Cthulhu

    Call Girl of Cthulhu


    A good amount of fun! Lovecraft inspiration, nudity, and gore. What else could you want?