• The Monster

    The Monster


    Now your average movie goer might not be able to ascertain some of the subtle nuances hidden in the writing, directorial techniques or acting, but a film student like myself really doesn't miss a beat. For example, you might not have noticed, but the mom character is actually not very nice to her daughter, some may say irresponsible even.
    As such, it would be fruitless to even bother discussing such intricacies in a review so I'll leave it at that.

  • Supersonic



    "We're the biggest and most best music in the whole country and whole world and whole history, Wonderwall"
    This was interesting I suppose, I like that it was all footage of them from while they were active with just the voice over. But these people are kinda fucking awful, eugh.

    Better than De Palma

  • Moonlight



    Fear, doubt, Loneliness. Who are you and who are you supposed to be. This is such an empathetic and stabbing film. Struggles of accepting your sexuality and who you are things I can resonate with, but I know ultimately this movie isn't made for me. But still, it resonates so deeply within me and gently pets my soul. I love this film, even more so on the second watch.

    "I cry so much sometimes I feel like imma just turn into drops"

  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7


    I got to visit a courtroom trial once in 6th grade and I fell asleep within 10 minutes, I cannot fathom being in one for 6 months straight.
    I managed to stay awake during this one though :)
    Kinda cheesy but good acting (yahya abdul mateen ii) and engaging story!

  • Pacific Rim

    Pacific Rim


    Big things fighting each other good. Normal size people repeating cliches for 2 hours bad. Please just shut the fuck up

  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters


    Holy fuck I don't give two shits about your marriage just let me watch the lizard clap some ass

  • Godzilla



    Not as bad as I remembered when we saw it in theatres. Perhaps we treated Luca too harshly

  • Léon: The Professional

    Léon: The Professional


    The director groomed his wife irl from the age of 12, movie kinda sus bro.
    I like his sunglasses tho

  • American Honey

    American Honey


    This was fantastique, a very bare look into "poor America" that makes you second guess yourself and preconceptions and biases. Introduced to the troupe of magazine sellers, you are presented with a bunch of trashy white teens/young adults but it really doesn't take very long to fall in love with them all. You take a look into into the unknown (coming from a privileged background) and the discomfort of the situation and their behaviour is turned around on you and…

  • The Sea of Trees

    The Sea of Trees


    Honestly not so bad, I was expecting way worse based off all the shit it seemed to be getting but I had a good time. There were some real goofy moments and decisions in the movie that irked me and made me question what the point of everything else that had happened was for. But for the most part I think they made explanations later in the movie.
    I think it was a nice story and I feel happy for Mathew. I still wish it turned into a gay romance with Mathew and Ken though.

  • Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom
  • Morris from America

    Morris from America


    This was one of the hardest movies to sit through I've seen in a while, there's something so abysmally cringey about a child rapping in front of a group of children and I physically felt my soul pulling away from me.
    It was still a heartwarming father son story but the constant cringe made it a tough watch for me.
    They also really kinda just glanced over and never really addressed how incredibly creepy and sad the Katrin plotline was.…