Out 1

Out 1 ★★★★★

This is a movie about people -- people meeting people, leaving one another, killing one another & loving each other -- and it is all set upon the backdrop of Paris right after the riots of 1968. OUT1 is at once a view on youth, freely tumbling around the world, trying to find something bigger than themselves (which might just be one big conspiracy or one big hoax). And in another way, it is about young people trying to figure themselves out; wanting to encite change in something, but not knowing exactly why or how. Maybe this personal longing is done by trying to uncover some sort of cultish conspiracy, maybe it is done by joining street gangs, but nevertheless, through the whole 13 hours, you feel that OUT1 is about the youth of Paris; wandering around with no strings attached, hoping something bigger than themselves comes into place. These kids don't know what it is, but there is something hiding, something secretive, something sinister, and something waiting to be discovered.

Futuristic street gangs, bizzare performance pieces, secret cults hiding in plain sight -- these ideas are stitched together over the course of thirteen hours -- and with all these, some sort of melancholic undescriable emotion remains.

It all feels like Rivettes hymn to the fast moving nature of life; characters come and go, characters love and hate, some even kill and die -- and through all this -- we get to watch one big gigantic starseed of a movie unfold. Lives clash up against one another, murders are commited, secrets are hidden, characters dissapear, cults are developed and disguised, but by the end, as random as it is, it is all very beautiful.

(review inspired by Matt Lynch, who wrote some very great stuff on the film!)

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