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  • Home Sweet Home

    Home Sweet Home

    When several attendees for your Thanksgiving dinner mysteriously disappear before the turkey is even cut, you should probably be suspicious. When a serial killer in your midst is suffering from a bad case of drunken roid rage that causes him to let out animated cackles and grunts, use that distracting noise to your advantage. Apparently nobody told these important rules to the characters in Home Sweet Home.

    That's the least of the worries in this fumbling partial homage to John…

  • Lady Macbeth

    Lady Macbeth


    Newcomer Florence Pugh is a revelation in this BBC production that reinterprets Russian writer Nikolai Leskov's 1865 novella "Lady Macbeth Of Mtsensk."

    Theatre director William Oldroyd transplants the original story to 19th century England with Pugh as the young woman who escapes her passionless marriage by seducing a local farmhand.

    What follows is a twisty drama rife with desperation and manipulation, all expertly captured by Pugh in a striking portrayal of a woman on the brink.

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  • Joysticks


    If you're going to say "they don't make movies like they used to," technically you should include films like Joysticks, for better or worse. It was a different era back in 1983 as video games were coming into the mainstream and it was still acceptable to show a close-up shot of women's breasts for no particular reason.

    That's where the appeal of Joysticks comes in, because otherwise it's a pretty dumb movie and a standard sex comedy. But the cast…

  • Arrival



    Perhaps the worst final line spoken in any 2016 movie...