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  • High Pressure

    High Pressure

    Whip-fast comedy with slick business spiv William Powell running up bills as he promotes a fake company. A smart script with lots of fine gags and a gaggle of fun characters make it worth a spin - or two. Recommended.

  • Tarzan and the Slave Girl

    Tarzan and the Slave Girl

    Lex Barker makes for a lethal Tarzan in this action-packed jungle adventure that sees him stab/strangle/murder various natives when they kidnap Jane (Vanessa Brown) and her pal - who have a hilarious cat-fight. Recommended.

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  • Dragnet


    Jack Webb police procedure gem with great suits and dialogue. "Shotgun murder. The first shot cut him in half, the second made him a crowd."

  • Hell's Headquarters

    Hell's Headquarters

    Antique/cut-price jungle adventure with morons looking for a mythical treasure stash of ivory. Check out the wonky/mis-matched stock footage, terrible dialogue, dim fist-fights and ham acting = good/baad fun.