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  • I, Tonya

    I, Tonya

    Fun/smartly done black comedy covering the life of Olympic ice skater Tonya Harding. Based on 'actual' interviews, the cast are all great, but Margot Robbie completely rules it. Recommended. Double bill with DROP DEAD GORGEOUS (1999).

  • Hostiles


    Grimy 'authentic' western set in 1892 where war-weary army captain Christian Bale is tasked with escorting a group across country = Amazing landscapes, harsh violence and a lot of silence. Slow going at 135 minutes, but well worth a spin. Pack a lunch.

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  • Dragnet


    Jack Webb police procedure gem with great suits and dialogue. "Shotgun murder. The first shot cut him in half, the second made him a crowd."

  • The Bloodstained Butterfly

    The Bloodstained Butterfly

    Gorgeous looking Giallo with grand music and fab opening titles, but thanks to a prolonged courtroom trial - a tad of a drag. Still, fans of the genre will adore Helmut Berger and Evelyn Stewart and the flick-knife killer stabbing chumps.