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  • Docks of San Francisco

    Docks of San Francisco

    Sleazy pre-code crime clunker that slams in enough plot points to pop a balloon. Check out the dive bar full of smelly waterside scum and the Tommy-Gun action. Threadbare, but punchy stuff.

  • Fog Over Frisco

    Fog Over Frisco

    Society dame Bette Davis tries to ruin her rich family by messing around with evil gangsters = Stolen bonds, sad Lyle Talbot, heartbreak and a neat plot make it worth an old spin.

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  • The Bloodstained Butterfly

    The Bloodstained Butterfly

    Gorgeous looking Giallo with grand music and fab opening titles, but thanks to a prolonged courtroom trial - a tad of a drag. Still, fans of the genre will adore Helmut Berger and Evelyn Stewart and the flick-knife killer stabbing chumps.

  • Frankenstein Created Woman

    Frankenstein Created Woman

    "No Hans! Don't be a fool!"
    Grand follow up the THE EVIL OF FRANKENSTEIN (1964) with a frozen Peter Cushing messing about in his lab with a soul transfer machine. Lots to like, great costumes, drunks, a knife fight and boy/girl monster revenge. Recommended Hammer Production.