Interstellar ★★★★★

I'm fully aware that Interstellar is, along with Boyhood, one of the films of 2014 which most polarized critics' and viewers' opinions. I'm also fully aware that, as someone whose favourite films of all time include Nolan's Memento and The Prestige, I was always running the risk of being biased from the start.

None of this ever crossed my mind for the 169 minutes in which I was completely and utterly transfixed by this film, and the hours afterwards which it took me to put my thoughts into words.

There's no denying that Interstellar has flaws; the science is not only confusing at first but also, from my albeit limited knowledge of space exploration, a bit hit-and-miss to say the least. The plot relies on a great deal of exposition and takes a fair share of jumps to progress the story without losing pacing.

All of this, however, can be overlooked by the sheer wonder and awe of the visuals, which impressively portrays the kinds of galactic phenomenon which modern physicists cannot explicitly explain or describe. The action scenes are impressive and well-shot, the characters are deep and believable and the relationships moving and engaging. The story tackles emotions, relationships, loyalty, determination and love, creating a film which, despite its shortcomings, is like no other film in recent years.