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  • Barry Lyndon

    Barry Lyndon


    6 (5) stars.

  • All the Money in the World

    All the Money in the World


    “Money can’t buy happiness” says the old adage. But, it can buy quite a few objects & those objects are predictable, their actions controllable unlike that of human beings. This seems to be the philosophy of the version of J. Paul Getty in ‘All the Money in the World.’  A man who bends easier for the asking price of a cherished painting than he does for coughing up the ransom money for his own grandson. 

    It is the elements of the…

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  • Thelma



    I am not compelled to like the horror genre often. This film does not fall into the trap that so many horror films often do.  It is a slow burn, and doesn’t draw too much attention to the super-natural elements until the story (and development of the character Thelma) allows it to.  

    I saw this film & “Raw” within days of each other. Both films (obviously Foreign) share thematic overtones of shy & awkward, young women discovering themselves out in the world…

  • Ghostbusters



    A respectful, yet recycled nod to a classic. It enforces how good the original was. Much more could have been done with the comedic talents of Wiig & McCarthy as they are under-utilized. Kate McKinnon was the tepee ration of testosterone in the group and stood out as a character to look forward to in what surely will be sequels to come.