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  • Se7en



    It is still a classic. 6(5)

  • Barry Lyndon

    Barry Lyndon


    6 (5) stars.

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  • Thelma



    I am not compelled to like the horror genre often. This film does not fall into the trap that so many horror films often do.  It is a slow burn, and doesn’t draw too much attention to the super-natural elements until the story (and development of the character Thelma) allows it to.  

    I saw this film & “Raw” within days of each other. Both films (obviously Foreign) share thematic overtones of shy & awkward, young women discovering themselves out in the world…

  • Ghostbusters



    A respectful, yet recycled nod to a classic. It enforces how good the original was. Much more could have been done with the comedic talents of Wiig & McCarthy as they are under-utilized. Kate McKinnon was the tepee ration of testosterone in the group and stood out as a character to look forward to in what surely will be sequels to come.