Tangled ★★★★★

Tangled, Frozen, Moana … Disney makes better superhero movies than Marvel or DC (and yes I realise Marvel is Disney. But you know what I mean). 

They manage to wrap the adventure up with humour and romance and coming of age stuff into proper STORIES. So much better than yet another Middle Aged White Guys Sulking At Each Other: The Motion Picture. 

And in shared universes, if every single character is super, eventually none of them are. Disney films, the hero is truly exceptional.

Also, further proof that period superhero movies are the best. Captain America, Rocketeer, and hopefully Wonder Woman. Not sure why. Maybe something to do with more clearly defined era/context against which to juxtapose powers and heroism. Things set in present day, it's less apparent what is/isn't exceptional. Especially when you populate that world with scifi technology.

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