Jungle Fever ★★★★

some thoughts:
-hopefully that dolemite movie means wesley snipes is back because he’s great in this
-the world would be a better place if ruby dee and ossie davis were in every movie
-I wish I could have spike lee as a high school teacher
-this is quite possibly the best use of tim robbins in any movie ever
-the montage of flip and angie getting to know each other is masterful
-those cops from do the right thing are still not very good at their jobs
-seeing pre-pulp fiction samuel l jackson is always a bit surreal
-for the love of god michael badalucco should never be allowed to have a beard
-anthony quinn threatening to wet his pants is not something I ever expected to see
-seriously, what kinds of names are flip and gator?
-I also hate disney movies
-I’d love to see a full movie about the john turturro character because he’s actually fascinating. at least it wouldn’t be worse than the jesus spinoff
-yeah I’m gonna be honest I have no idea what the final shot means