Batman ★★★½

“You wanna get nuts?! Let’s get nuts!” 

Not as great as I remember, but it’s still a fun movie. Campy, over the top, with some fun dark humour, and stunningly gothic looking. It’s perhaps not aged the best but it’s still clear the amount of influence this movie had on the superhero genre. 

More of a Joker origin movie that a Batman movie at times, which is to it’s credit. The best moments in the film is when you have the Joker menacing the city and getting into hijinks. Jack Nicholson absolutely owns the role here, his broad, over the top performance perfectly fitting some of the more cheesy dialogue. It’s a role he’s born to play, and while certainly different to what the Joker is played as now, it works perfectly for this film. 

Keaton makes for a decent Bruce Wayne and a pretty good Batman. Some of the story of Bruce is somewhat overshadowed by the lacklustre and underdeveloped romance angle, but I feel Keaton’s portrayal still has plenty of charm and mysterious to his Wayne. It’s just a shame that any action involving the Batman in hand to hand combat isn’t very good. He’s never a very threatening presence, mostly due to the costume not quite giving him the movement nor menace that he needs. There’s still good moments, mostly in the finale or involving the batmobile but overall it’s not the best showcase for the caped crusader. 

The set design is simply stunning. Making Gotham a gothic and at times rather gross looking city manages to make it a character in of itself. It feels dark and noir-esque, creepy but at times vibrant. The grand buildings that look worn out and dated fitting perfectly to what the story needs. There’s also a fabulous score by Danny Elfman that adds to that gothic and grand feeling for the action scenes. 

A fun gothic superhero movie with a lot to like. It’s mostly memorable for the set designs and the brilliant Nicholson performance, but it’s an enjoyable ride.

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