Dolemite Is My Name ★★★★

2019 Ranked 

Scavenger Hunt 56 - movie 8

“So when am I putting on the comedy fat suit and acting out a hilariously crude dinner party scene where I play all 10 characters?” - Eddie Murphy upon reading the script. 

Has Eddie Murphy been this likeable since playing Donkey in Shrek? 

Super enjoyable and fun movie, with some genuinely good laughs and great performances. Eddie Murphy is instantly likeable from the first few moments of the film. He really has hit his stride and if he keeps picking parts like this, then his career will be back completely. It’s a story that I knew nothing about, I’d never even heard of the Dolemite name before, so the story was really interesting, seeing the rise of the fame of this down on his luck performer, becoming a super successful character comedian. 

The film has such charm and charisma, perfectly recreating 1970s America, with every character being super likeable and superbly in place with the time and tone of the movie. The differences in culture is expertly shown, the comedy of the divided communities not making sense to each other, an especially funny scene was Dolemite and his gang going to see a ‘white’ movie and not understand the concept of the comedy of it all. Obviously Eddie Murphy is perfect in literally every scene, likeable, charming and funny. The other stand out moments I thought were from Wesley Snipes, his character seemingly coming from no where and having some genuinely funny moments. So unlike his normal casting, he was such a pleasant surprise. 

The first half of the plot deals mostly with Rudy’s rise to popularity, trying and trying without stopping to be the success he knows he should be. The second half pushes much more into the making of his first movie, this providing some of the funniest moments, as well as some of the more heart warming and sweet moments. The movie is somewhat reminiscent of what James Franco did with The Disaster Artist, the weird and kooky and altogether lacklustre way of film making presented in both, only in this one, Rudy comes off far more humble and charming than Wissaeu ever did making the room. 

It’s a really enjoyable, fun and charming movie. Without a dull moment and some great acting from Eddie Murphy! Really recommend!

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