Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

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Scavenger Hunt 53 - movie 8

 Anybody accidentally kills anybody in a fight, they go to jail. It’s called manslaughter.”

Tarantino checklist; 

Good song track? Tick
Gratuitous violence? Tick 
Love letter to all things 60’s Hollywood? Tick.
Fast paced and heavily offensive dialogue? Tick
Feet? Well, Damn. There’s a whole lotta feet.

Tarantino has always been one of my favourite directors and a go to for easy rewatches on a weekend. So much so that I feel I can predict most things that will happen in one of his movies. But this surprised me, being funnier, more charming and altogether nicer than most of his other movies. Only delving into the final act do you really get the Tarantino we all know and love. 

This movie really is a love letter to all of those 60’s westerns and general movies that we all know and love. The actual plot of the movie moved in ways that I didn’t expect it see coming and it felt really refreshing. It was fast paced, with perfectly timed segues and cutaways to amusing moments. All of the characters feel far more than the usual stereotypes and even the smallest of characters with little screen time get their motivations and general overall personality’s onto screen.

Dicaprio and Pitt are subperb and have amazing chemistry together, something I wasn’t sure on going in. But they really play well off of each other, each giving their best performances for a long while. Their chemistry was so effective, really making you believe that they had been friends for a long while, perfectly playing off of each other with them both having great moments and dialogue in equal measures. Margot Robbie is also excellent given her limited screen time. The rest of the cast are more or less smaller cameo appearances but each give it all they’ve got, with a special shout out to Dakota Fanning who I felt really stood out. 

There really isn’t anything that I can think of that I disliked about this movie. Tarantino really directs this perfectly, with the scene of Pitts character first entering the compound being tense and almost horror orientated and it really works. The soundtrack, something he is known for is once again really prevalent and perhaps not quite as impactful as say, Pulp Fiction, does still work in the context of the movie. 

As usual; there are some standout scenes. The Bruce Lee moment is perfectly executed and the actor playing Lee is almost too perfectly cast. The whole scene showing Dicaprios character struggling with his performance in a lacklustre Hollywood western is also brilliant and truly demonstrates some of Dicaprios best acting. And of course, the ending half hour or so, for me personally is perfect Tarantino.

Like I’ve said, there’s not much more to review.  But I bloody loved it and want to see it again as soon as I can! 

Ps. If you like feet. You’ll love this movie. Tarantino somehow manages to crowbar in as many feet shots as he can in the run time, and it really is noticeable.

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