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“If you're good at anticipating the human mind... it leaves nothing to chance.”

Certainly better than the last entry into this series. It’s slightly more interesting than the last one, and not quite as gruesome, but some of the plot points get so convoluted. I do think the change of directors works in its favour a little, it’s got less bizarre choices, though flashbacks still push forward so hard, detailing every little thing like the audience is dumb. I didn’t notice the editing quite as much in this one, and the ending wasn’t a huge twist upon twist bonanza like some of the previous instalments. 

There’s two sides to this one, and they don’t really work too well together. The actual game itself is quite simple compared to some of the others and it works, despite the twist being obvious, it’s still got some excitement and some decent enough traps. The characters are forgettable and expendable but still service this half of the plot decently enough. 

It’s the other half of the story, Hoffman and the investigation. It adds so much convoluted backstory to the previous films, creating plot holes that would never need to be there, all in service of a rather bland twist in this movie. I’m still also not sure on Hoffman as a character, he’s a little dull and hasn’t actually done much as the villain to make him exciting. It probably doesn’t help that they keep crowbarring in Tobin Bell into each of these movies, a much better villain and certainly a much more compelling performance. 

It’s okay, not the worst but still not a ‘good’ horror. I just wish they’d stop trying to connect the films so much, it’s getting so over the top complicated and it’s really not needed.

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