Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

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“Oh, I love Led Zeppelin!”

Enjoyed it much more this time, Perhaps not quite as enjoyable as Homecoming, but there is all the staples to make a good Spider-Man movie. It’s just a fun Spider-man adventure with some good action and great humour.

I really like how the movie deals with the ‘blip’, it was always going to be hard to follow on from Endgame but by making light of some of the heavier stuff from that movie, it allows this one to push through and become its own story rather quickly. It moves along at breakneck speed through most of its runtime, wasting not time in introducing Mysterio and taking Peter around the world on the adventure. There’s moments when the general arc for Peter feels a bit like a rerun of Homecoming but eventually it leads to something that feels like a good payoff overall. 

Tom Holland once again shows why he’s such a great Peter Parker and Spider-Man, having so much charm, charisma and overall emotional quality to his performance in and outside of the mask. There’s a lot of fun to be had from the school trip, the teachers and other kids all providing some good laughs. Especially Zendaya, she has such great chemistry with Holland throughout, and this movie really allows her character to finally have something more to do. 

Mysterio is great, Jake Gyllenhaal really nails the performance as Beck and it’s clear he’s having a ball playing this character. It’s just a shame that motivations tend to push towards being a disgruntled ex employee and not much else really, I’d have rather found out more about his backstory that these rather throwaway moments. The entire universe doesn’t have to connect to Tony Stark.

There’s some great action sequences, and the moment with Mysterios illusions is one of the most visually impressive sequences of the entire MCU. All the cast work well together and the story doesn’t take a moment to slow down. It’s a fun addition to the MCU, not quite reaching the heights of Homecoming but still a bunch of fun.

So that’s the MCU finished once again, now maybe onto the Xmen franchise!

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