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  • No Home Movie

    No Home Movie


    "If I have a reputation for being difficult, it’s because I love the everyday and want to present it. In general people go to the movies precisely to escape the everyday." — Chantal Akerman

    A solitary tree stands over an arid plain. A roaring wind whistles through it's branches. The branches whip about, many having been stripped of their leaves. The distant horizon is obscured by a dusty haze. This shot is held for nearly four minutes, long enough for…

  • Goodbye to Language

    Goodbye to Language


    "Incongruity can transform the banal into the fantastic. Two images – familiar in ambience but incongruent in time – when juxtaposed, create a third reality.” — Yvonne Rainer

    “Those lacking imagination take refuge in reality.” So begins another chapter in Godard’s life-long inquiry into the nature of perception. For him, everything is cinema. Politics and cataclysms, paintings and literature, all of human experience including the most intimate details. Because life is the subject. This is an attempt to describe the…

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  • Let the Sunshine In

    Let the Sunshine In


    She sits in a club with several friends vaguely bored and losing interest in the conversation. A stranger in a leather jacket, standing off to the side, catches her eye. She is aware he is looking her over, the music begins, she rises and moves out onto the dancefloor.
    At last my love has come along.
    Swaying with a sinuous undulation, she rolls her head from side to side, closing her eyes.
    My lonely days are over,
    He drops his…

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    The steel-blue eyes of Furiosa (Charlize Theron) look out on the rust-colored wasteland as she powers the war-rig away from the Citadel towards the green place of her memories. She has managed to break free of the malignant grasp of Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne), he who robbed her of her childhood and her decency. In an effort to hurt him back she has taken his most prized possessions, his five nubile brides, his prize breeders, including the heavily pregnant Angharad…

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  • Blue Is the Warmest Color

    Blue Is the Warmest Color


    The life of Adele. Every morning Adele comes out the door, adjusts her pants, and hurries down the street to catch the bus that takes her to school. In class they are reading from La Vie de Marianne, "Ideas take hold of me. I am a woman. I tell my story." The passage being discussed considers the possibility of 'love at first sight'. Adele is enchanted, she loves this book and is immersed in the life of Marianne. Wide eyed,…

  • La Jetée

    La Jetée


    1962 was the time of the cold war and the nuclear arms race between Russia and the United States with the Cuban Missile Crisis occurring during October of that year. World War III and the fear of nuclear holocaust was on everyone’s mind, but in La Jetée these things merely provide a backdrop for a story that is about something altogether different. In Hitchcock’s Vertigo (1958), after Madeleine’s death, Scottie is obsessed with her memory and is driven by a…