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This review may contain spoilers.

frankly i went into this with no clue as to what i was going to see
it didn’t disappoint 
the entire movie had this erie offputting feeling about it consistently throughout
it felt like at any moment something awful could happen but did not too frequently do anything which only built the suspense factor
it also had a very interesting use of silence
in most horror movies the only time it goes silent is when something horrible is going to happen seconds later, but rather in this film it was used to enhance the discomfort yhe scene had naturally without a jump scare
i thought that the inconspicuousness of ingvar and marías relationship though the film while seeming at the beginning to be in an uncomfortable place and becoming more loving as the film progressed only to quietly present us with the reason free of a large expositional rant was very exciting to watch because everyone loves having an a-ha moment that isn’t quite as forcefed

**extra-spoilerish time**

the one thing that i decided i was opposed to was the showing of the monster at the end of the movie 
my favorite horror movie is called jeepers creepers and i have the same critique of this movie because the monster looks dumb and you were so afraid of it til you saw what it looked like
while this movie does much better on the look of the monster when compared to the 2001 film previously mentioned, i still believe that the intense zoom shots and inframe refrences to the charecters presence while keeping him off screen was infinitely more creepy

i am not certain if this truly happened but there was one scene where ada sees her father and it zooms on her face with a hard to make out silhouette reflecting in her eye
i noticed it at the last second befote the cut and literally jumped out of my seat  
i think stuff like that was vastly better than showing the monster itself 
regardless it was a great ending though

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