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  • Double Down

    Double Down

    Neil Breen saved everyone by few random clicks on the keyboard while the laptop was off

    Can y'all imagine what he could achieve if his laptop is ON... ?

  • A Human Condition

    A Human Condition


    Oddly relaxing and satisfying to watch
    Would either put someone to sleep or make someone's sleep better, there's no in between

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  • Sonchiriya



    Amazed with Chaubey's direction here. Moving and disturbing cinema with the finest cast and performances.

    After the intense, gripping first half I was skeptical that they might mess up the second half but in fact it was even better than the first.

    Nothing better than a well-made desi western.

  • Nainsukh


    Like an antithesis to all the restlessness and anxiety building inside me for years
    Visual treat for my eyes and a caress to the soul, this is the most calming experience I've had in a long while.