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  • The Underneath

    The Underneath

    Laughably bad and hopelessly derivative from the first frame.  Most of the major roles are woefully miscast and I’ve never seen Austin used to such underwhelming effect. I don’t see what motivated Soderburgh to make this film which is arguably the worst of his career.

  • Let's Scare Jessica to Death

    Let's Scare Jessica to Death


    Let’s bore Jessica to Death would have been a more appropriate title. It’s a psychological thriller for people who’s greatest fright is not having a farmers market within walking distance of their apartment.

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  • Infinite Football

    Infinite Football

    It feels like a prank played by the director on an unsuspecting art house audience unless it’s a commentary that the type of people who end up as faceless government bureaucrats are that suck at every aspect of their life. Yeah lady the reason why you haven’t been compensated for your land after 27 years is that your local automaton is too busy trying to turn soccer into lacrosse. My experience watching this film was to utter “this is so…

  • Half Brothers

    Half Brothers

    The parts of this that were supposed to be dramatic, like the ending, were hilarious in their craptacularneas and the parts that were supposed to be funny largely weren’t. Also when most people drive long distances in this country they use this thing called the interstate system.