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  • Halloween



    I thought it was a good sequel and having been a fan right from 1978 I think I know my stuff. A nice warm-up that turned into an explosive climax. In more ways than one. Micheal was played with the right amount of ruthless menace and Jaimie Lee Curtis has turned into the perfect Loomis substitute. Why, does Micheal have that effect on people?? I think I will go again. One thing though, who was the bright spark who decided to transfer Micheal on the night before Halloween a good idea. SACKED!

  • Wer



    Wer = WOW! At first I was a bit skeptical with all the 'found footage' style camera as I'm well and truly over those films and actually think they suck. After watching WER I can say, this movie was really really good. It's has a good story with twists and turns and subplots and is a new original take on the werewolf mythology. It was at times a bit scary, a few jump frights and freakin GORY! BEST werewolf movie I have seen in years.

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  • mother!



    I still don't know whether I like this film or just hate it. It irritated me, annoyed me, drove me to have an anxiety attack. Would I recommend it? It would be like wishing you have nightmares in your sleep all night. Not good ones either. Mental anguish ones. I have some real problems with the character played by Jennifer Lawrence which is WHHHHYYYYY??? Why would she? Really? Nicely shot, some great acting though and some fine sequences. But afterwards…