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  • Mr. Inside/Mr. Outside

    Mr. Inside/Mr. Outside


    A made-for-TV movie produced by Philip D'Antoni (THE FRENCH CONNECTION and THE SEVEN UPS) which stars a pre- Barney Miller Hal Linden along with Tony Lo Bianco as a pair of NYC police detectives in a wonderfully grimy pre-Disney Big Apple. Surprisingly violent for a TV movie and based somewhat upon the real exploits of NYC police detectives Randy Jurgensen (who also appeared in bunches of NYC films in the '70s) and Sonny Grosso (from the real-life French Connection case).

  • Abby



    31Days o fHorror Day 28 ABBY 1974 Blaxploitation knock-off of THE EXORCIST directed by William Gridler w/ Carol Speed & William MarshallSued into oblivion by Warner. "Abby doesn't need a man anymore... The Devil is her Lover Now!"

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  • Pretty Poison

    Pretty Poison


    Quirky and fascinating film that really pulls you in (who's zoomin' who !?!). Anthony Perkins and Tuesday Weld ( who's almost to beautiful to look at here) are wonderful together.

  • Tombs of the Blind Dead

    Tombs of the Blind Dead


    For me the apex of the golden age of Spanish horror (with all apologies to Paul Naschy) and always a Halloween must. Followed by three sequels of variable quality (but all still watchable) this has it all - dripping Gothic atmosphere, bare skin and bright red gore.