Between the Eyes

Between the Eyes ★½

Let me just begin this review by stating the only thing that I like about Asintado: It comes to a very fascinating ending. The rest of the film is fascinating as well, but in all the wrong ways.

The rest of the movie is just poorly, poorly done. The direction doesn't know how to handle even its lightest moments in a convincing or interesting fashion, and much less so when it goes into darker territory. It doesn't help that its main characters are incredibly dumb, and that its heftiest conflict arises from the contrivance of their idiocy. At its very best, it's no better than dull, and at it's very worse, it becomes unintentionally hilarious.

Ultimately, the film gives its audience very little reason to care. There is the slightest bit of of the intriguing in the film's ideas, especially in its ending decision, but ultimately all of that is lost on horrid execution and logic.