The Janitor

The Janitor ★★★

The Janitor attempts something really clever. It tells the story of a man who is asked to murder a number of men who are suspected to have staged a terrible robbery and massacre within a bank some time prior. And each time the man introduced to a new suspect to assassinate, the film reveals their part in the heist, and reveals bit by bit how the job was done.

It's certainly a clever structure and a clever attempt. But the end result isn't as clever as its intention. For one thing, most of the film isn't executed with that great style, with inelegance in its visuals and and imperfections in its staging standing out. And as the film proceeds, its narrative grows more and more unstable, ultimately coming to a rather predictable yet completely illogical conclusion which makes less and less sense the more you think about it.

Yet still, the film's confidence in itself never seems to falter, and rides this until the very end even past all the ridiculousness. And because of this, it's hard not to have fun with the film. It's true that the rest of the product doesn't come as close to the cleverness of what it tries to attempt, but the way it goes through it all is more or less capable of satisfaction. Though the material is ultimately utterly flimsy, the way it rides with it keeps the strengths within it intact.